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13 Jul

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2012 Summer Ifa’shion Globe Trotter

10 Jul

Tuesday, July 10th 2012, Paris – Don’t have any summer plans? Pack your bags with IFA Paris for the launch of its latest summer project and guest blogger collaboration: the 2012 Summer Ifa’shion Globe Trotter.   Starting on July 12th, 2012, IFA Paris will deliver fresh editorial content and diverse trends from nine major fashion capitals across the globe to enhance the interactive nature of its site.  Every Thursday until September 13thIfa’shion readers will learn about the best shopping areas, trends and hidden locales from each selected fashion hotspot. We have sourced sparkling young talent to bring our readers imaginative interviews from competitive fashion media that represents each city’s unique style.


The guest list includes:

– Bridgid from Pho and Chips (www.phoandchips.com) in Londres,

– Sarah  from I bleed Fashion (www.ibleedfashion.com) in Montréal,

– Purushu from Stylish by Nature (www.stylishbynature.com) in New Delhi,

– Joanne from Pauperish Strange Joanne (www.strangejoanne.wordpress.com)in Hong Kong,

– One of our alumni students, Anastacia de CitiJ (www.citij.com) in Shanghai,

– Stephanie from Stephanie Surtida (www.stephaniesurtida.com) in Tokyo,

– Mel de Localspotter (www.localspotter.com) in Moscou,

– Stephanie from New York Fashion Hunter (www.newyorkfashionhunter.com) in New York City.

– Jocelina from Pink Chocolate Break (www.pinkchocolatebreak.com) in Rio de Janeiro

– Nicolas from In &Out (http://www.inandout-blog.com/) in Paris

With almost 1,000 students (primarily international) located in Paris and Shanghai, IFA Paris is at the forefront of fashion and luxury education, and offers programs that reflect the breadth of opportunity available in this vibrant industry.  Ifa’shion’s Summer Globe Trotter partnership program exemplifies the school’s competitive position as a fashion institute, and its commitment to communicating the latest international coverage to our readers and students.  With over 3,000 wordpress readers a month, 4,300 fans on Facebook, and growing presences on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and on Tumblr, IFA Paris continues to experience success and impressive growth across its social media platforms.

We are excited to share our latest creative opportunity with you in just few days, to coincide with the launch of this exciting collaboration, IFA Paris has also updated the title of its newly minted blog to ifa’shion, which you will be able to access at http://www.ifashion-blog.com.

IFA Paris’ Undergraduate Annual Fashion Show ‘East Meets West’

5 Jul

Last Wednesday, June 27th  IFA Paris’ fashion design students in Paris presented their final collections on the theme ‘East Meets West.’ in front of 200 fashion media and VIP guests.  A selected group of students presented their graduate and evening gown collections, while a few assemble pieces, created by shanghai bachelor graduates, made its way to Paris to be presented as well.

Check out a few photos of fashion show below.

To read more about about IFA Paris’ 2012 Fashion Show in Paris , please read our press release : http://www.ifa-edu.fr/media/events/2012/ifa-paris%E2%80%99-undergraduate-annual-fashion-show-%E2%80%98east-meets-west%E2%80%99








Photos: © David Tergemina / TRG prod / www.myfashionreel.com

Balenciaga/Comme des Garcons at Cité de la Mode et du Design

3 Jul

IFA Paris’ MBA Fashion Business students visited Cité de la Mode et du Design’s parallel exhibitions, Comme des Garçons/Balenciaga, curated by Olivier Saillard as a re-launch of Cite de la Mode’s architectural renovation.  The students really had a great chance to see fashion transcend through several exhibitions, from Kawakubo’s contemporary collection to Balenciaga’s historical prespective.

For more details about the students’ visit click here:http://www.ifa-edu.fr/media/events/2012/balenciagacomme-des-garcons-cit%C3%A9-de-la-mode-et-du-design

Enjoy the photos from the day below.







Fashion Runway: Kwan-Yui YAU

27 Jun

IFA Paris’ design students have spent months creatively interpreting this year’s theme, ‘East Meets West’ in preparation for our annual fashion show.  For tomorrow’s performance, 22-year-old Kwan-Yui captured a metaphysical union of Eastern and Western culture through evocative circular silhouettes, which emulateher two main inspirations, horoscopes and I-Ching.

Full name: KWAN-YUI, YAU

Age: 22

Place of Birth: Hong Kong

What does this year’s theme, ‘East Meets West’ mean to you?

The theme this year “East meets west” is very interesting to me: this is not only the chance to learn more about the connection between eastern and western cultures, but also learn how to harmoniously combine and innovate between them to present these ideas on the garments.

What inspired your collection? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

In this collection, I use fortune telling to present the theme of “East meets West,” as a variety of differentmethods of fortune telling have evolved from the ancient times to the present.  I am very curious and interested in mystic ideas, so I did a lot of research around I-Ching and horoscopes to get inspired.  These ended up being the two main ideas behind my collection, so I used round shapes and ancient Chinese coins as the main elements of my designs.

What surprised you the most in the design process and how did your instructors help you overcome these obstacles?

As there are lots of circles and curves in my designs, there werea lot of bottleneck and technical problemsthroughout the process of realizing my designs. I appreciated that my instructorshelped to patiently resolve these technical obstacles during the process, and helped me find a way to perfectly realize my designs.  I was most surprised by how effectively the garments turned out, after resolving these issues.

Can you describe your collection in five words?

Past, Future, Mystery, Prediction, Curiosity

Kwan-Yui’s sketches

Fashion Runway: Frida Misthou

25 Jun

Frida Misthou used her Greek origins to inspire a collection for IFA Paris 2012 Fashion Show theme East Meets West.  Through an exquisite array of elegant pleats, her cross-cultural examination of Greece and Turkeygives Classical Greek mythology a rippled effect of modern couture.  We caught up with Frida to catch a glimpse of her sketches before next week’s show!

Efstratia (Frida)  Misthou

Age: 26

Place of Birth: Athens, Greece

What does this year’s theme East Meets West mean to you?

This year’s theme for me was an opportunity to combine different and maybe controversial aspects of eastern and western civilizations or cultures into garments, through a very creative process.

What inspired your collection?

The Western part of my collection was inspired by the Greek pleats,which are depicted in the ancient statues, such as Nike of Samothrace. For the Easterninfluence,I took my inspiration from the Dervichestourneurs’ garments of Turkey.

Can you tell us a little bit about it?

When the theme of the collection was given to us, I instantly knew what I wanted to do. Because of my Greek origin, pleats in Classical Greek statues have always fascinated me and I wanted to use them in more modern way. As for my eastern inspiration, my country is next to Turkey, so it is logical tohave a lot of things in common, regarding for example our music, cuisine and some of our traditions. It is true that we have more things in common that these two countries dare to admit. My Turkish inspiration was theDervichesTourneurs, or in English Whirling Dervishes. They are a religious group of men, who are dressed in white jackets andwhite long skirts. They believe that they can come closer to God, through a ritual in which the accompaniment of music helps them reach ecstasy. They start to turn around themselves and gradually they speed up the turning. The visual effect created by this spinning is something uniquely sentimental and captivating.That was the feeling that I wanted to convey throughout my collection. I chose to design something that communicates a feeling of lightness and flow. I wanted to depict the image of an ethereal woman, like a goddess.Furthermore, I thought it was a good idea to unite these to countries, who are known to be enemies, into beautiful garments, in peace!

What has been the most difficult part of the design process?

The design process was interesting and creative! My main problem was not the creation of the designs,but the technical aspects of it. Specifically, in my former school in Athens we didn’t use Illustrator and Photoshop, so the most difficult part for me was to learn how to use them. Finally, through a lot of practice all became clear to me.

What has surprised you the most?

What has surprised me was that I managed to depict my thoughts and inspirations in a precise, clear and beautiful way into something not only artistic, but also functional and wearable such as a garment! Also I am happy that I managed to overcome all the difficulties of this year and rise to the occasion. This entire year was a big challenge!

How have your instructors helped you throughout?

My professors were the greatest help for me! My design teacher, Lise, guide me through the whole procedurewithout being judgmental, but with patience and respect. My computer design teacher, Tove, was also very kind and patient with me. Last, my sowing, draping and pattern making teacher, Tanjia, was there for me all the way, since my clothes had very complicated patterns and the sewing had to be extremely delicate. Furthermore I learned a lot from my Marketing teachers!

Can you describe your collection in five words?

Ethereal, fragile, intricate, sophisticated, delicate.






Frida’s sketches

2012 Fashion Show laureate in Shanghai: Alexandra Avramova

21 Jun

Alexandra, one of six winners at IFA Paris’ 2012 Fashion Show in Shanghai and a recent graduate, took some time to share her journey through her experiences while preparing, her thought process and the original vision of her collection“Army of ME”.

Image Alexandra and a model wearing one of her garment 

IFA Paris: What did this year’s theme ‘East Meets West’ mean to you?

Alexandra Avramova: It is the perfect theme for a graduation collection for someone like me who comes from the West but likes to live and study in the East. Here in Shanghai, you have a lot of examples that can illustrate the meeting of both cultures. To create my collection, I took most of my inspiration from the local Chinese youthand focused on those who had strong individuality and hip lifestyles.   Using my European background, I drew from this inspiration to create and design a vast majority of my collection.  I wanted to blend these two cultures to illustrate my understanding of East meets West.

IFA Paris: How did you incorporate this year’s theme into your design?

Alexandra Avramova: When I began my research on the younger generation of China, I realized that this current generation grew in a much more stable economy than those in past generations. They are often called the ME generation, or the “Little Emperors” of China, because they have more open opportunities in front of them than their parents had, and are more independent and opinionated. These days, China is booming with opportunity and you can really feel the positive optimism in the young people of China.  From this, I decided to take this amazing new spirit and mix it with traditional elements from older Chinese culture.  To blend in the west, I focused on the minds of the current youth and their obsession with western labels and tech gadgets like i-phones, western music, etc. Especially the way these young Chinese people interpret and change these western influences through the prism of their own experiences and their own culture.


Mood Board

IFA Paris: I noticed that your designs featured very unique accessories.  How did you come up with the idea to include accessories?

 Alexandra Avramova: I wanted to imitate the Chinese traditional headwear, former style of queens, as well as helmets for soldiers and mix them together in a more crazy form so it can be modern and cohesively blend together with a youthful face.

The lights on the garments and on the plastic bags represented the nerdy and technological side of the “Little Emperors” who spend endless hours on the internet and who love socializing with other youngsters globally.


IFA Paris: What was the most difficult part about the design process?

Alexandra Avramova:If you want to do good work, you need to find great materials. Finding printing facilities to realize my prints, as well as a supplier with laser cut machines for my plastic accessories was not an easy task.  After that, I had to figure out how to screen print on plastic and how to incorporate illumination wires into clothes and it wasn’t easy either. Doing everything on my own in Shanghai also presented itself as quite a challenge in itself.

IFA Paris: How do you feel to be one of the winners of the Fashion Show 2012?

Alexandra Avramova:To summarize in one word, I’m very “happy”.  To see my collection as a final product and worn on models was simply wonderful and really brought that sense of accomplishment in me.

IFA Paris: What has surprised you the most?

Alexandra Avramova:I was a little worried about combining so many elements together. Surprisingly,  thefinal creation turned out great!  My garments successfully fused the different materials, print techniques, colors and accessories.  To have my ideas translated so fluently onto the runway was a great surprise.

IFA Paris: How have your professors helped you throughout?

Alexandra Avramova:They helped a lot mainly with practical support for the realization of my collection. Their encouragement really made a difference to bring my vision into a reality.

IFA Paris: Can you describe your collection in five words?

Alexandra Avramova: “I love living in China”

IFA Paris: How were the final moments preparing for the show? Did everything go as planned?

Alexandra Avramova:Each of my models had to wear layers of garments and numerous accessories: gloves, leggings, head pieces, large wrist bands, belts, necklaces, attachable backpack and skirt, and bags. It took the dressers longer than usual to help my models get into all of this. So naturally I was quite nervous if we could manage to send the models to the stage in their full regalia! We were a good team and the models appeared on stage just as I planned, like real queens and soldiers.

IFA Paris :What do you plan to do in the future?

Alexandra Avramova: I am not sure what exactly I will be doing yet but definitely I would work in design. In particular, I would love to work for a big Chinese label from China, like Uma Wang for example.



Alexandra’s sketches


Alexandra’s sketches


Alexandra’s sketches


Thank you very much for your answers, and as with the other winners, we would like to wish you good luck for your future in the world of fashion.