Fashion Runway: Frida Misthou

25 Jun

Frida Misthou used her Greek origins to inspire a collection for IFA Paris 2012 Fashion Show theme East Meets West.  Through an exquisite array of elegant pleats, her cross-cultural examination of Greece and Turkeygives Classical Greek mythology a rippled effect of modern couture.  We caught up with Frida to catch a glimpse of her sketches before next week’s show!

Efstratia (Frida)  Misthou

Age: 26

Place of Birth: Athens, Greece

What does this year’s theme East Meets West mean to you?

This year’s theme for me was an opportunity to combine different and maybe controversial aspects of eastern and western civilizations or cultures into garments, through a very creative process.

What inspired your collection?

The Western part of my collection was inspired by the Greek pleats,which are depicted in the ancient statues, such as Nike of Samothrace. For the Easterninfluence,I took my inspiration from the Dervichestourneurs’ garments of Turkey.

Can you tell us a little bit about it?

When the theme of the collection was given to us, I instantly knew what I wanted to do. Because of my Greek origin, pleats in Classical Greek statues have always fascinated me and I wanted to use them in more modern way. As for my eastern inspiration, my country is next to Turkey, so it is logical tohave a lot of things in common, regarding for example our music, cuisine and some of our traditions. It is true that we have more things in common that these two countries dare to admit. My Turkish inspiration was theDervichesTourneurs, or in English Whirling Dervishes. They are a religious group of men, who are dressed in white jackets andwhite long skirts. They believe that they can come closer to God, through a ritual in which the accompaniment of music helps them reach ecstasy. They start to turn around themselves and gradually they speed up the turning. The visual effect created by this spinning is something uniquely sentimental and captivating.That was the feeling that I wanted to convey throughout my collection. I chose to design something that communicates a feeling of lightness and flow. I wanted to depict the image of an ethereal woman, like a goddess.Furthermore, I thought it was a good idea to unite these to countries, who are known to be enemies, into beautiful garments, in peace!

What has been the most difficult part of the design process?

The design process was interesting and creative! My main problem was not the creation of the designs,but the technical aspects of it. Specifically, in my former school in Athens we didn’t use Illustrator and Photoshop, so the most difficult part for me was to learn how to use them. Finally, through a lot of practice all became clear to me.

What has surprised you the most?

What has surprised me was that I managed to depict my thoughts and inspirations in a precise, clear and beautiful way into something not only artistic, but also functional and wearable such as a garment! Also I am happy that I managed to overcome all the difficulties of this year and rise to the occasion. This entire year was a big challenge!

How have your instructors helped you throughout?

My professors were the greatest help for me! My design teacher, Lise, guide me through the whole procedurewithout being judgmental, but with patience and respect. My computer design teacher, Tove, was also very kind and patient with me. Last, my sowing, draping and pattern making teacher, Tanjia, was there for me all the way, since my clothes had very complicated patterns and the sewing had to be extremely delicate. Furthermore I learned a lot from my Marketing teachers!

Can you describe your collection in five words?

Ethereal, fragile, intricate, sophisticated, delicate.






Frida’s sketches

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