Fashion Runway: Kwan-Yui YAU

27 Jun

IFA Paris’ design students have spent months creatively interpreting this year’s theme, ‘East Meets West’ in preparation for our annual fashion show.  For tomorrow’s performance, 22-year-old Kwan-Yui captured a metaphysical union of Eastern and Western culture through evocative circular silhouettes, which emulateher two main inspirations, horoscopes and I-Ching.

Full name: KWAN-YUI, YAU

Age: 22

Place of Birth: Hong Kong

What does this year’s theme, ‘East Meets West’ mean to you?

The theme this year “East meets west” is very interesting to me: this is not only the chance to learn more about the connection between eastern and western cultures, but also learn how to harmoniously combine and innovate between them to present these ideas on the garments.

What inspired your collection? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

In this collection, I use fortune telling to present the theme of “East meets West,” as a variety of differentmethods of fortune telling have evolved from the ancient times to the present.  I am very curious and interested in mystic ideas, so I did a lot of research around I-Ching and horoscopes to get inspired.  These ended up being the two main ideas behind my collection, so I used round shapes and ancient Chinese coins as the main elements of my designs.

What surprised you the most in the design process and how did your instructors help you overcome these obstacles?

As there are lots of circles and curves in my designs, there werea lot of bottleneck and technical problemsthroughout the process of realizing my designs. I appreciated that my instructorshelped to patiently resolve these technical obstacles during the process, and helped me find a way to perfectly realize my designs.  I was most surprised by how effectively the garments turned out, after resolving these issues.

Can you describe your collection in five words?

Past, Future, Mystery, Prediction, Curiosity

Kwan-Yui’s sketches

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