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2012 Summer Ifa’shion Globe Trotter

10 Jul

Tuesday, July 10th 2012, Paris – Don’t have any summer plans? Pack your bags with IFA Paris for the launch of its latest summer project and guest blogger collaboration: the 2012 Summer Ifa’shion Globe Trotter.   Starting on July 12th, 2012, IFA Paris will deliver fresh editorial content and diverse trends from nine major fashion capitals across the globe to enhance the interactive nature of its site.  Every Thursday until September 13thIfa’shion readers will learn about the best shopping areas, trends and hidden locales from each selected fashion hotspot. We have sourced sparkling young talent to bring our readers imaginative interviews from competitive fashion media that represents each city’s unique style.


The guest list includes:

– Bridgid from Pho and Chips ( in Londres,

– Sarah  from I bleed Fashion ( in Montréal,

– Purushu from Stylish by Nature ( in New Delhi,

– Joanne from Pauperish Strange Joanne ( Hong Kong,

– One of our alumni students, Anastacia de CitiJ ( in Shanghai,

– Stephanie from Stephanie Surtida ( in Tokyo,

– Mel de Localspotter ( in Moscou,

– Stephanie from New York Fashion Hunter ( in New York City.

– Jocelina from Pink Chocolate Break ( in Rio de Janeiro

– Nicolas from In &Out ( in Paris

With almost 1,000 students (primarily international) located in Paris and Shanghai, IFA Paris is at the forefront of fashion and luxury education, and offers programs that reflect the breadth of opportunity available in this vibrant industry.  Ifa’shion’s Summer Globe Trotter partnership program exemplifies the school’s competitive position as a fashion institute, and its commitment to communicating the latest international coverage to our readers and students.  With over 3,000 wordpress readers a month, 4,300 fans on Facebook, and growing presences on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and on Tumblr, IFA Paris continues to experience success and impressive growth across its social media platforms.

We are excited to share our latest creative opportunity with you in just few days, to coincide with the launch of this exciting collaboration, IFA Paris has also updated the title of its newly minted blog to ifa’shion, which you will be able to access at

Balenciaga/Comme des Garcons at Cité de la Mode et du Design

3 Jul

IFA Paris’ MBA Fashion Business students visited Cité de la Mode et du Design’s parallel exhibitions, Comme des Garçons/Balenciaga, curated by Olivier Saillard as a re-launch of Cite de la Mode’s architectural renovation.  The students really had a great chance to see fashion transcend through several exhibitions, from Kawakubo’s contemporary collection to Balenciaga’s historical prespective.

For more details about the students’ visit click here:

Enjoy the photos from the day below.







Streets Snaps in Shanghai – Theme: Urban Jungle

19 Jun

Jungle animal prints are making a huge comeback this Summer with patterns being seen on everything from dresses and bathing suits to handbags and accessories. For those who are not a fan of leopard, zebra, and snake prints, you can still wear a colorful pattern with exotic flowers that are reminiscent of the jungle.

To have a little bit of inspiration, have a look at how our instructors and students strutted stylishly in last week’s urban jungle theme.






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IFA Paris’ 2012 fashion show winner in Shanghai: Sabine Ducasse

12 Jun

For IFA Paris’ 2012 annual fashion show in Shanghai , Sabine Ducasse, a French born designer presented a spiritual interpretation of the theme ‘East meets West’ with her collection The Melting Pot. She supported her design board with an impressive video, enhancing her multimedia vision of a Sino-French union.

Have a look on her video: The link will appear in couple of days.

She won the Golden Prize and received a full scholarship for the Postgraduate in Fashion Design and Management Program and a round-trip flight between Shanghai and Paris.

To know more about Sabine Ducasse’s collection and feelings after the fashion show, please read our article:


Sabine Ducasse











IFA Paris’ 2012 Fashion Show in Shanghai

7 Jun

Last Wednesday, May 31st  IFA Paris held its 10th annual graduation fashion show in Shanghai. IFA’s 2012 graduates displayed their collection under the theme ‘’East meets West’’, in front of 1000 VIP guests, media, and fashion professionals.

This year, IFA’s students, once again, displayed garments that were spectacular for their creativity and technical skills.

Check out a few of the photos we snapped during the fashion show below.

To read more about about IFA Paris’ 2012 Fashion Show in Shanghai, please read our press release :






Interview of Kinda Touma: the contest winner

4 Jun

As part of winning our online photo contest centered around the theme “East meets West”, Kinda Touma, an American Syrian girl, answered a few questions regarding herself and about her inspiring winning photo. 


Kinda’s photo on the theme “East meets West”

1/ Can you please present yourself?

My name is Kinda Touma, an American Syrian Designer, I am from the US, Europe and Middle East. My unique childhood gave me the chance to explore a wide variety of cultures which I use to inspire me in my designs.

While I was studying fashion in Boston, I always loved competing with other creative designers so I decided to enter this online contest with IFA Paris.

I discovered this great contest as a follower of the IFA Paris  page, as I have always admired their work and felt the urge to be part of this great school.

2/ What does the theme ‘’East meets West’’ mean to you?

When I read the theme “East meets West”, I felt it was a great opportunity for me to participate and present myself and my designs to the online community. Having such a rich “East and West” background only helped me better prepare for this contest. For me, East represents the traditional artistic concepts mixed with passion and glamour, while the West embraces the modern life along with its edginess and boldness.

These cultures are both opposite and complementary at the same time, and they permit to enhance creativity. I wanted to play with paradoxes and show a perfect harmony throughout this picture.

3/ What inspired your photo?

I wanted to show the charm of the East but let the piece shine in a western glamorous garment.  The inspiration of this photo came from combining the symbolism of roses which represents nature and the wild while the desert background exemplifying roughness with serenity.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank a great photographer Alan Medvinsky for doing an incredible job in this shoot, and Model Maya Stepper, for giving this piece its soul.

4/ What was the most difficult part of the photo shoot?

At the beginning it was a little difficult for me to recognize how to present my couture piece in a perfect background, but meeting the photographer, Alan Medvinsky, made it a lot easier, as when he saw my garment, he immediately pictured it in an exotic place that can reflect and show the beauty of this couture piece.

The most difficult part was actually making the dress itself; it contaied 36 handmade Dior roses combined with other couture details, which gave this piece the beauty and uniqueness to portray such a sexy classy image.

5/ What are your future ambitions?

My future ambitions are to present fashion in its fullness, and I would like to leave a memorable mark in the fashion world. Ultimately, my dream would be to build my own iconic fashion label.

6/ Do you have a message for your online supporters?

I would like to thank every person who supported me through their votes and their encouragement. It’s always great to see people admiring my work and believe in my talent. I feel overwhelmed from winning and this honor will give me more determination to work harder in creating outstanding designs.


Kinda Touma, the contest winner

Thanks for your answers and we wish you the best for the future.

Fashion Trend in Asia: Glasses without lenses

30 May

Here’s a trend that has invaded several cities of Asia like Tokyo, Hong-Kong, Seoul, and Shanghai.  The affordable nature of this fashion accessory has fashionable people in these areas sporting glasses without lenses in style.


To elaborate, although just an accessory, these glasses can provide other beneficial factors besides making you look glamorous.  Ever wake up in the morning and not have time to put on make-up? Pick up and wear this fashion prop and magically hide those pesky dark circles around your eyes or even flaunt your eyelash extensions with ease as these glasses will only add more flavor to your outfit.

The trend comes from celebrities such as actors and singers who wear the glasses without lenses on television shows and during events.

Glasses without lenses are affordable; in Shanghai, it can be purchased for about 3 to 9 Euros in the streets or in stores. Although this trend has been around since the early 90’s, it actually slowly faded at the turn of the century and only recently made a comeback in the fashion scene.  The goal seems to look authoritative, yet attractive in a sexy librarian sort of way.  Larger frames, retro, brightly colored and aviator styles for this eclectic fashion statement are making its mark in the fashion world today.

For people who wear glasses, if you have any old pairs laying around, pop those lenses out and sport them in style while it’s still hot.

ImageLi Li, famous Chinese actress


Bingbing Fan, a famous Chinese actress

Two students of IFA participate to the 16ème Nord Fashion show!

25 May

Two IFA Paris Bachelor students in their second year of their Fashion Design program, Julie Pang from Mauritius and David Maillet from France, spoke about their internship at a new fashion brand: 16ème Nord Paris.


David Maillet & Julie Pang


Why did you choose to come in Shanghai to study at IFA Paris?

Julie: Well, to be honest, I was not expecting to stay in China at the beginning. I wanted to go to Australia or France. But after one year in Beijing, I loved this country. Moreover, the prospects of new job opportunities have been abundant to say the least, especially in the world of Fashion. It’s a city that never sleeps! I began my journey with a simple search on the internet for schools specialized in Fashion and I discovered IFA Paris. Two years later I’m still here!

David: “I would like to say destiny brought me to Shanghai. When I left France, I didn’t have any particular reason for leaving, I just wanted to see something else. At that time, people started to speak about the impressive economic growth of China so I packed my bags and bought a ticket for Shanghai. I originally only wanted to stay for one or two months but after this short time I definitely fell in love with the city. As Julie said: “I’m still here”


Currently, you are doing an internship at 16ème Nord, why did you choose this brand for your internship?

David: We found this internship thanks to IFA. 16ème Nord is a French brand specialized in fashion for men, which was an area that I was interested in. As a start-up company formed roughly one-year ago, I thought working for them would be a great experience for myself to learn about entering a diverse market like China and understanding the forces behind building a brand in the fashion business industry. My decision was absolutely awarded from day 1 and I couldn’t dream of a better scenario for my first experience. As the team was quite small, I was working closely with all departments of the brand and really putting some significant input into 16eme Nord’s go-to-market strategy. My decision to work with a smaller company really paid off in this regard. After only four months, we were able to participate to the organization of their Fashion show!


Talking about that can you tell us more about 16ème Nord Fashion show?

David: As I told you before, 16ème Nord is a young company and this fashion show was their first one in Shanghai. It was the perfect occasion to present the autumn-winter 2012 collection. As its first showing, I really wanted to showcase the diversity and universe of the brand. 16ème Nord presents itself as a really chic and classy Parisian styled brand. All the aspects of the show must be thought thoroughly to fit this style and to create the proper atmosphere, to shape the brand. It was definitely a lot of hard work but very rewarding in the end.


What, in specific, was your contribution?

David: They wanted us to give our ideas, especially concerning visual merchandising, but also about the organization, the animation, the choice of the models, the aesthetics, and all those little details that are essential for the success of this event. We were also assisting management, for example looking for a venue for the show or finding a calligraphic artist.


What do you like the most about your work there?

Julie: Well, I have to say that we were particularly interested in the start-up aspect of the company. It helped us to understand the different steps of the fashion product lifecycle, from production to sales, all the way through marketing. Every month we had a meeting with the marketing team and the designers and you can really get a “behind the scenes” look and understand how it works in a design studio. Every day you learn how to deal with the obstacles of working in the fashion business field and it’s all very rewarding. That’s the kind of things you cannot really learn in any school, but something that I definitely learned working for 16ème Nord.


You are currently studying a Bachelor in Fashion Design at IFA Paris, has the classes you have taken so far helped you during your work experience at 16ème Nord? Did IFA Paris help you with your work placement?

David: Yes of course, for example, in the school we have a lesson called Fashion Design that helped improve our artistic skills. We learned concepts that are not just useful, but essential if you want to work in Fashion Business. Obviously the marketing lessons were also important for both of us.


What are your plans for the future?

Julie: I would really like to set up my own business, and that’s why this internship was perfect for me. I would like to do it in Shanghai because the city is amazing.

David: The same for me. In Shanghai, you have opportunities that you could not be reached anywhere else in the world. Just take a look, the city of Shanghai represents one third of France! Everything is possible here. I know this internship will help me to better understand the Chinese market and after my studies, I will start my own project.


Ok, and to conclude, could you please tell our readers what your favorite fashion places in Shanghai are?

David: “To be honest I don’t have a favorite place, I like new things. As Julie told you, Shanghai is an amazing city and you can go to many different events all the time. For example one month ago I was at DAF, a huge outdoors fashion show on Shanghai’s Bund. The environment at DAF was professional but also very enjoyable. It was awesome to be at the beach and also between the buildings of Shanghai as the fashion show was taking place. I frequently visit a lot of websites to tell me what’s new in Shanghai, and because the city is really cosmopolitan, you can do something different every single day!

Julie: For me I have a crush for the art galleries. Even if it’s not always fashion, it’s connected to art and it helps me find my inspiration. Of course you can also find inspiration by going to some art websites like or, but nothing is comparable to the Shanghai atmosphere.

Thank you both for answering our questions and we wish you the best for your future!

16ème Nord fashion show in Shanghai

18 May

A new French brand, 16eme Nord, held a fashion show two days ago near the Bund in Shanghai. The fashion show featuring a new middle to upper class menwear’s collection mixed cheek designs from France which blended together with a hint of Asian culture to produce a professional and modern look for the everyday man. 16N Fashion Group houses design teams based in Paris to catch the latest trends of international design, but has aspirations to debut its stores throughout China this year. A large task, but one that should be interesting with the booming retail scene happening in China, in particular, Shanghai today.

The brand’s name 16ème Nord derives from the 16th arrondissement of Paris where the area has been associated with great wealth in French popular culture. The population living in the arrondissement are usually described as bourgeois and chic. The models during the fashion show showcased the Autumn/Winter collection for 2012 featuring sleek and ready-to-wear garments that definitely would hit home with men who are seeking style and sensibility.

16ème Nord sells a lifestyle of bourgeoisie for young men: casual, high quality and modern. Check out a few of the photos we snapped during the fashion show below.





Streets Snaps in Shanghai – Theme: Black and White

14 May

Black and White is always in fashion!

The combination of the most traditional colors Black and White are also this Spring/Summer 2012 trend. These two colors are for formal clothing but the Black and White can also be stylish and chic.

Have a look on how our instructors and students are stylish with Black and White clothes.





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                                                                                                                   By Sophie Ngo