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13 Jul

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Interview of Kinda Touma: the contest winner

4 Jun

As part of winning our online photo contest centered around the theme “East meets West”, Kinda Touma, an American Syrian girl, answered a few questions regarding herself and about her inspiring winning photo. 


Kinda’s photo on the theme “East meets West”

1/ Can you please present yourself?

My name is Kinda Touma, an American Syrian Designer, I am from the US, Europe and Middle East. My unique childhood gave me the chance to explore a wide variety of cultures which I use to inspire me in my designs.

While I was studying fashion in Boston, I always loved competing with other creative designers so I decided to enter this online contest with IFA Paris.

I discovered this great contest as a follower of the IFA Paris  page, as I have always admired their work and felt the urge to be part of this great school.

2/ What does the theme ‘’East meets West’’ mean to you?

When I read the theme “East meets West”, I felt it was a great opportunity for me to participate and present myself and my designs to the online community. Having such a rich “East and West” background only helped me better prepare for this contest. For me, East represents the traditional artistic concepts mixed with passion and glamour, while the West embraces the modern life along with its edginess and boldness.

These cultures are both opposite and complementary at the same time, and they permit to enhance creativity. I wanted to play with paradoxes and show a perfect harmony throughout this picture.

3/ What inspired your photo?

I wanted to show the charm of the East but let the piece shine in a western glamorous garment.  The inspiration of this photo came from combining the symbolism of roses which represents nature and the wild while the desert background exemplifying roughness with serenity.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank a great photographer Alan Medvinsky for doing an incredible job in this shoot, and Model Maya Stepper, for giving this piece its soul.

4/ What was the most difficult part of the photo shoot?

At the beginning it was a little difficult for me to recognize how to present my couture piece in a perfect background, but meeting the photographer, Alan Medvinsky, made it a lot easier, as when he saw my garment, he immediately pictured it in an exotic place that can reflect and show the beauty of this couture piece.

The most difficult part was actually making the dress itself; it contaied 36 handmade Dior roses combined with other couture details, which gave this piece the beauty and uniqueness to portray such a sexy classy image.

5/ What are your future ambitions?

My future ambitions are to present fashion in its fullness, and I would like to leave a memorable mark in the fashion world. Ultimately, my dream would be to build my own iconic fashion label.

6/ Do you have a message for your online supporters?

I would like to thank every person who supported me through their votes and their encouragement. It’s always great to see people admiring my work and believe in my talent. I feel overwhelmed from winning and this honor will give me more determination to work harder in creating outstanding designs.


Kinda Touma, the contest winner

Thanks for your answers and we wish you the best for the future.

Pavement T-Shirt Launch

19 Apr

How do you spark international interest in a t-shirt launch? Bring a bevy of artists, designers, and fashion students to one of the chicest restaurants in Shanghai’s French Concession for a sartorial collaboration between up-and-coming Dutch expat artist, Niek van Wingerden,


Model with Pavement t-shirt, Penelope Chow, the artist  Niek van Wingerden and Sofia Makridi

On Saturday, April 7th, IFA Paris’ students from October 2011’s MBA intake hosted a party at Shanghai’s elegant three-story restaurant Mi Tierra to coincide with their first launch from the students’ new initiative, Pavement. Pavement strives to connect local artists with designers to create wearable, unique designs for the contemporary woman.

“We truly believe in the idea of connecting artists with brands, and think that these relationships can be valuable for both sides,” says Ms. Chow of Pavement’s incentive. With it’s five founders hailing from all over the globe, Irina Muro, from Venezuela; Lucia Otero, from Argentina; Bi Lin, from Singapore; Sofia Makridi, from Greece; and Penelope Chow, from Canada, they certainly have an international perspective.


Penelope Chow, Lucia Otero, Irina Muro

Originally conceptualized as a project for their Fashion Design class, the five females wanted to make streetwear for women that is simultaneously comfortable and feminine, and they were inspired by one of their favourite brands, Converse.“We first decided to create a collection that helped to illustrate that love,“ says Penelope Chow, “but with further research, our idea evolved, and soon became what it is today – a mission to connect people – in this case, artists, fashion designers, and brands.”

By nine pm, Mi Tierra was crowded with international guests, sipping on margaritas and indulging in finger foods, while six of the founder’s friends supported their creative pursuit by modeling Niek van Wingerden for Converse’ t-shirts throughout the restaurant.  The dimly lit, yellow ambiance left partygoers looking happy in a tawny glow.

While the semblance of ease permeated this successful launch, it took hard work  to get there.  Meeting deadlines, adjusting to limitations, and problem solving were listed among the group’s everyday obstacles, their own sense of initiative inspired their success. “We took what was asked of us, and went one step further, did more than was asked of us because we were all passionate about it,” says Ms. Chow.   This passion helped to execute a memorable event that will surely give them street-cred for future collaborations.

Speaking of future plans, Pavement hopes to add a philanthropist to their growing roster of attributes.  “In the future, it would be great if we could create an event to support a meaningful cause,” Chow tells us humbly.  “Either way, we definitely want to gain more experience from this project and event, and if there is interest in the future from upcoming artists and brands that are willing to collaborate with us and support our initiative, then we would love to continue.”

It sounds like they are off to a pretty good start.  At the end of the evening, Pavement gave away 100 t-shirts in four different colours to generate lasting interest in the project’s initiative. “In the end, we just want to promote the creative industry, and if we can make it fun at the same time, then why not?”


T-shirts sketchs



Here is the whole team with the models:

Lucia Otero, Sofia Makridi, Irina Muro, Bi Lin, Penelope Chow and the artist  Niek van Wingerden

                                                                                             By Ali Leier

M.A.C’s SS12 trends presentation

17 Apr

On Tuesday April 10th, our 2011 Bachelor Fashion Design students visited M.A.C (Make-up Art Cosmetics) – leading producer of consumer and professional makeup worldwide – in Shanghai. M.A.C. showcased their 2012 Spring Summer trends to the students. 


Last year’s trends were toughness and androgyny, this year’s season announces the revival of altogether more feminine and sensual approach to make-up.For this SS2012, M.A.C shared 4 principals themes: ATH-ELITE, ORE-INSPIRED, NOUV-EAU and NEO-N.

ATHE-ELITE theme presents the woman very natural, fresh, chic and sporty. It is near to naked but certainly not raw. It seems that there is no make-up on the face but there is a wet-effected and maxed with moisture skin. This season is about dewy, sporty and spa-fresh-feel.The second theme ORE-INSPIRED, is more about using tan-relevant and tan-related shades to accentuate the lips, cheeks and eyes.NOUV-EAU, the lips and cheeks get a look-in with stains of fondant-y peach, apricot and strawberry tones, it’s a trend that’s essentially eye driven: lids and lower lashlines enlivened with diffuse, single-toned water colour washes of pastels and flesh tones through to mink and rubs of charcoal.This theme is sensual, ultra feminine, fluid and refined without being sugary or cute.The NEO-N theme is inspired by graffiti. It’s about wearing neoprene colour against plump, workout-fresh skin and an aerodynamic brow in an effortlessly chic, considered way.

At the end of the presentation, one of our students, Shen Tumenglu, volunteered to allow  event artist Zhang Lei to apply some make-up which engaged others students to ask several thoughtful questions. As students departed, they received an exclusive M.A.C Pro membership card which allows them access to M.A.C courses, a chance to meet some famous stylists face to face and discounts on M.A.C products. After the students left, I took a closer look at the selection of make-up they featured during the presentation. I thought the second theme ORE-INSPIRED was definitely the theme I’ll be looking forward this spring because it is very simple, beautiful and feminine: Perfect for a urban woman!









Discover M.A.C’s products:

Here’s your chance to win 100 Euros of M.A.C cosmetic products and an interview on our blog, participate in our international fashion contest:

Show Us How ‘East Meets West’ Inspires You

1 Apr


Friday, 30 March 2012 – IFA Paris is hosting a contest for its upcoming 2012 Fashion Shows in Paris and Shanghai.  This Sunday at midnight CET time, April 2nd, interested applicants have the opportunity to submit their personal inspiration for this year’s theme ‘East Meets West’ via Facebook,Instagram or Twitter.  Just take a styled photo of yourself with accessories and clothes that best match our chosen theme, and upload it with the hashtag #IFApariscontest, or email your photo to sure to include your name and country of origin with the chosen picture.

All applicants must be 18 years or older, and each applicant can submit a maximum of three photos.  Each photo must contain no more than two people, and only one person will receive photo credit for the submission.  Please ensure that this is your own personal work, as we are looking for your creativity.  Anyone with a public Facebook profile can vote once per photo, with no limit to how many photos they ‘Like.’  The same rules apply for Instagram, but make sure that you’re Instagram profile is public, so we can see the hard work you’ve put in – otherwise, your photo won’t be eligible to win.

After that winning is easy!All applicant submissions will be posted on our Facebook Photo Contest album.  The picture with the most number of ‘Likes’ on Facebook and Instagram, or retweets on Twitter will take home the first prize: 100 Euros worth of cosmetics from our support team at M.A.C. and an interview on IFA Paris’ blog.  The lucky runner up will win our second prize:50 Euros worth of M.A.C. cosmetics.

So what are you waiting for?  Let your friends know today to garner maximum exposure for a potential interview on our blog and products from the professional makeup artist quality cosmetics company M.A.C.The contest closes on May 27th at 11:59pm, and the top two winners will be announced on May 30th 2012.  Make sure to check out our Facebook page to see if you’ve won – we won’t contact you directly to claim your prize.  You have two months to enter and show our team at IFA Paris how ‘East Meets West’ inspires you, just in time for our IFA Paris’ Fashion Shows.

For more details please visit

Carnival of Chinese New Year in Paris

2 Feb

The time has come to congratulate all the Chinese people for their most traditional, colorful, festival “The Chinese New Year”.  To welcome New Year2012, this year the Chinese zodiac is the WATERDRAGON.


In Western culture, New Year always falls on the same day but Chinese New Year changes every year, following a special calendar. According to the Chinese calendar, the 15 days celebration begins on first day of the first lunar month.This celebration is a time of reunion, where families and friends get together and celebrate special moment with food. In Paris, they also prepare their special traditional cuisines in the restaurants, so that the people of Paris get involved more in this event and can feel that they are in China.


Chinese New Year, most popular annual events now became very popular among the people of Paris. People come out on the streets of Paris to supportthe participants of this program. We can hear traditional music, famous crackers and enjoy giant dragon dances. Chinese restaurants are packed with locals and tourists and the nights are set with special theatrical or musical performances.


Dragon Dance (舞龙Wulong), this activity attracted thousands of people,including French locals, and this program improves the influence of Chinese culture in Paris. The inaugurating of this festival is usually done with this giant Dragon in the parade by people in front of Paris town hall.


Chinese New Year parade in Paris is famous for their elaborate decorations with red lanterns, grinning dragons and tigers, bright orange fishand for their noisy cheer, which usually includes firecrackers.For2012 Chinese New Year, “the dragons” and “dragon dances” will be the main theme.

ImageThis time we got the chance to get involved and celebrate this colorful festival with them. It will be a truly memorable experience, when we will encourage and cheer the people who are performing in this event.

The celebrations are beginning on Monday, January 23rd, 2012 and culminating on Sunday, January 29th, 2012.  The Main Parade will be held on Sunday, January 29th, 2012. It is scheduled to start at 13:30 from 44, Avenue d’Ivry in the 13th arrondissement (metro Tolbiac).


Here is a glimpse of the New Chinese New Year 2012 Carnival at the City Hall :

                                            Article By: Zhujun Zhang, Lu Xu, Tripti Jain

Focus Fashion: Proenza Schouler

13 Jan

Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough are the design duo behind the modern luxury womenswear and accessories label Proenza Schouler, founded in 2002. Proenza Schouler is named after the two designers’ mother’s maiden names, Proenza being the maiden name of Hernandez’s mother and Schouler that of McCollough’s mother.




The duo team met at 19 at Parson’s School of Design. Hernandez was an intern at Michael Kors and McCollough, at Marc Jacobs.They collaborated on their senior thesis collection and created their first Proenza collection which was entirely bought by Barneys New York. Proenza Schouler eventually played an important role for American Fashion. In fact, the luxury brand met a lot of success, in 2004, the emerging brand was awarded with the inaugural CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund. Three years later, Proenza Schouler was honored with the 2007 CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year award. Then, in June 2011, the designers were awarded their second CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year Award.


Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough were originally inspired by famous French fashion brands Dior and Chanel as well as the American grunge, Nirvana. Their collection is mixed with sports and youth, combining elegance and sophistication with inspirations coming from the street, skate and sometimes surf scene. Their forms are often minimal preferring neutral and dark colors.


Proenza Schouler is sold in over 100 of the most exclusive retail outlets worldwide, including Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Harvey Nichols, Colette, and Joyce.



Pre-Fall 2012 Collection by Proenza Schouler