The IFA Paris Postgraduate Fashion Design & Management is constructed to enable its students to take the next step in their fashion career by building not only design skills but understanding the cultural, industrial and market forces that shape the fashion world today.

During the intensive one academic year program, entirely taught in English, in Paris, students will work with professional instructors with strong experience in the field. Paris, still the undeniable world’s fashion capital, is the perfect location for such a program.

To succeed in today’s fashion world, fashion designers need to do much more than competently sketch garments on sheets of paper. To achieve the goal of transmitting a broader range of competencies, IFA created its innovative postgraduate program to address the needs of young fashion design graduate to meet the demand of world-renowned fashion companies.
The program is multidisciplinary covering fashion concept research, methodology & structure of a fashion collection, textile industry and production, marketing communication, branding, merchandising and retail, and consumer psychology as well asother related modules. Students engage in intensive individual and group projects that straddle the globe and prepare them to take prominent places in the fashion industry.

Upon graduation, students will have a holistic mastery of the fashion design & production processes, an impressive portfolio, and the international business perspective necessary to succeed in the globalize fashion economy.

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