IFA Paris’s MBA Luxury Brand Management allows students to pursue postgraduate education entirely taught in English in Paris and in Shanghai. This unique program allows students to build career skills and gain a full understanding of all aspects, opportunities and challenges of working in the luxury and fashion industry today. Paris as the undeniable world’s luxury and fashion capital is the perfect location for such a program; while Shanghai is luxury industry’s fastest emerging market.

Despite the world economic crisis, European and American luxury brands have thrived, mostly due to the growing demand from emerging markets around the world. In a report published by the World Luxury Association in 2009, China has replaced the United States to become the world’s second largest luxury goods consumer, only second to longtime leader Japan. Many experts predict that China will become the world’s largest luxury consumer by 2015. With the growth in the luxury business, the skills required to manage a luxury brand has become more specific and specialized.
This multidisciplinary program will explore the unique factors involved in building and maintaining a luxury brand in the competitive global environment and covers a wide range of courses including consumer psychology, emerging markets in luxury, luxury merchandising, luxury retail management, international negotiation skills, and luxury distribution as well as many other luxury business modules. During the program, students will have the opportunity to work on industry sponsored projects in cooperation with international brands, attend fashion events, listen to guest speakers, and visit leading brands stores, design studios and factories.

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